Saving minutes every time you mark

Sparkjar - streamlined workflow for iPad schools. Sparkjar - streamlined workflow for iPad schools.

iPad classroom workflow. Optimised to save you time.

Sparkjar is the fastest, easiest, and most effective app for assignments and feedback in your iPad classroom.

Marking Marking

Streamlined Marking

Working closely with teachers, we have streamlined the marking flow to save minutes every time you mark.

Assignments Assignments

Effortless Assignments

Create and manage assignments effortlessly.

Chat Chat

Instant Chat

Keep the conversation going with your class. Empower your students to help each other.

Groups Groups

Group Work

Split classes into groups of students for learning abilities, specific tasks or homework assignments.

Files Files

Super Fast Files

Send files and assignments to your class in an instant. The moment you press send, it’s in their hands.

Attachments Attachments

Attach Anything

Attach any type of file from external sources like Dropbox, Foldr, Explain Everything and many more.

Streamlined marking

We have worked closely with teachers to understand how you mark and how we can save you minutes every time you do it. Try Sparkjar for free to experience the difference!

All your marks in one place

What’s the point of super-powered marking without somewhere to view your marks? Sparkjar’s marksheet simply organises your students so you can see exactly how they are doing as a group and as individuals.

Effortless assignments

Creating, issuing, and keeping track of assignments has never been easier. Sparkjar helps you work to your timetable, allowing you to create and issue assignments individually or in batches whenever it suits you.

Instant chat

Chat with individual students, or set up chat rooms for students to engage in project work or to support each other with assignments. Attach files or photos for instant sharing. Hide messages or mute students to manage inappropriate behaviour.

Try it out!

With 'Sparkjar Playground' you can demo all of Sparkjar's amazing features independently, outside of your classroom.

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