The Leading iPad Teaching and Learning Platform for UK Schools: Safe, Secure, Seamless and Works Offline

Sparkjar - Tech that lets your teaching flow

Sparkjar is safer, more secure, quicker and easier to use than any other platform. It’s simple enough for a five-year-old, but powerful enough for A-Level, so can be used across whole schools. A wealth of unique features and user experience make it hands down the best choice for UK schools for teaching and learning with iPads. It works offline too, helping to close the digital divide.

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Safe, Secure, Seamless and Works Offline

Safe & Secure

Best-in-class safeguarding and security, including SchoolSafe™ Live Video for live lessons. Data does not leave our encrypted servers in London.


Incredibly easy and quick to set up, learn and use. Intuitive, beautiful and foolproof. Saves teachers and students time, cognitive load and stress.

Works Offline

It works on patchy wifi and even offline, so students without internet can study at home even without an internet connection, helping to close the digital divide.

Dunottar School Case Study

“When I started looking into it I saw the interface and I was blown away; I loved it. I like the fact that you had listened to teachers…”

We’re Getting Top Marks

Teachers and students love Sparkjar! Some of our unheard-of levels of teacher satisfaction include:


would recommend Sparkjar to a colleague


save up to three hours a week with Sparkjar

White paper

White Paper:
EdTech for Covid and Beyond

Includes school leaders' checklist

Implementing Sparkjar

You‘ll be surprised at how affordable Sparkjar is, and how quickly you could be up and running. We integrate with: Integration partners
As well as implementing Sparkjar for schools with existing iPad programmes, we work with hardware partners to deliver all-in-one packages for schools including rollout of iPads with the Sparkjar platform.


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