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Sparkjar - streamlined workflow for iPad schools.

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Saves time

Teachers’ time is precious. Sparkjar saves you time with super-fast task setting, offline working, speedy resource sharing and streamlined assignment marking.


Empowers learners

Use chat to bring 21st century communication to your classroom; empower students to seek support and learn from each other even when the lesson is over.


Secures data

Keep your data secure in the UK with our GDPR-compliant workflow app. Easily view students’ grades and task completion over time using our straightforward marksheets and SLT dashboard.

Saves time

Sparkjar’s simple marking interface and ingenuous annotation tools help to reduce repetition, making planning tasks and providing feedback as swift as possible, enabling you do to more in less time.

A screenshot of the Sparkjar app marking view

Empowers learners

Sparkjar chat makes great communication in the classroom accessible to all. Students can easily seek support, help each other and consolidate their learning through collaboration. Powerful annotation enhances teacher feedback, creating more opportunities for students to make progress.

A screenshot of the Sparkjar chat view

Secures data

Keep students organised, deadlines clear and parents informed. Find grades and completion rates all in one place for each class, ready for progress tracking and reporting, or view and analyse the school as a whole via our school leaders’ dashboard. All this data is secured so only you can access it - we’re proud to conform fully with the GDPR, and keep all school data secured entirely within the UK.

A screenshot of the Sparkjar marksheet view

Try it out!

With 'Sparkjar Playground' you can demo all of Sparkjar's amazing features independently, outside of your classroom.

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