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Sparkjar‘s transformational teaching and learning app saves teacher time, reduces workload, and provides the functionality for every teacher to excel.

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Empowering. Engaging. Unifying.

Empowering Teachers

Transforms the way teachers plan, prepare, set tasks, and feed back to students.

Engaging Students

Engages students beyond the classroom, using the technology they relate to.

Unifying Schools

Supporting school leaders to bring systems and processes together across the teaching environment.

Dunottar Case Study

“When I started looking into it I saw the interface and I was blown away; I loved it. I like the fact that you had listened to teachers…”

Dunottar School implemented Sparkjar in 2018/19 and has 53 teachers using it.

We’re Getting Top Marks

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White paper

White Paper:
Key Considerations for School Leaders When Implementing a 1:1 Device Strategy for a Blend of Classroom and Remote Teaching

Includes school leaders' checklist

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