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Sparkjar - Remote teaching made easy

Keep your school up and running with our beautifully simple, all-in-one remote teaching platform. Available now for both primary and secondary schools. Our teachers and students love it; so will you!

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Exactly what teachers need


Repetition-reduction marking tools. Interactive feedback. Tracking and grades.


Resource sharing. ‘All eyes here’ feature. Visibility control. Interactive notes.


Controlled messaging. Appropriate and safe. Collaborative class and 1:1.

Dunottar case study

“When I started looking into it I saw the interface and I was blown away; I loved it. I like the fact that you had listened to teachers…”

Dunottar School implemented Sparkjar in 2018/19 and has 53 teachers using it.

We’re getting top marks

Here’s a snapshot of our July 2019 Teacher Survey results


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save up to three hours a week with Sparkjar

An all-in-one solution

Devices, software, training and support: we will deliver everything you need to get your school up and running with high-performance remote teaching. All of this can be done without anyone needing to visit school. We will send iPads to students' and teachers' homes and then train them online. We can have you up and running in two weeks!


How to run a school with remote teaching

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