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Sparkjar - streamlined workflow for iPad schools.

Simple yet powerful tablet technology for forward-thinking schools. Reduce workload. Simplify workflows. Engage students. Empower learning.

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Repetition-reduction marking tools. Interactive feedback. Tracking and grades.


Resource sharing. ‘All eyes here’ feature. Visibility control. Interactive notes.


Controlled messaging. Appropriate and safe. Collaborative class and 1:1.

Dunottar case study

“When I started looking into it I saw the interface and I was blown away; I loved it. I like the fact that you had listened to teachers…”

Dunottar School implemented Sparkjar in 2018/19 and has 53 teachers using it.

We’re getting top marks

Here’s a snapshot of our July 2019 Teacher Survey results


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save up to three hours a week with Sparkjar

Accessible pricing for schools

We’re driven by a determination to improve the working week of our wonderful teachers. We want every school to enjoy the benefits of Sparkjar as they shift to 1:1 tablet technology.

from £5* per student *Discounts for 3 year deals and packages


Whitepaper – 1:1 tablet technology starts to go mainstream

Just as slates and chalk became obsolete, early-adopter schools are already reducing paper and shifting to tablets. Our whitepaper charts the key steps to a successful 1:1 tablet roll-out and how to get teachers and students onboard for successful outcomes.

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