“The vision behind Sparkjar is simple, it’s built on the premise that Teachers are the stars in our schools and as a team we are uncompromising in our pursuit to build beautiful technology for them, reducing admin and letting their knowledge and passion shine through to inspire the next generation of genius.”

James Carroll, Founder, Sparkjar

What makes us different?

We believe that schools have been short-changed when it comes to technology as so much school IT has been adapted from other industries and is overly complicated or clunky to use.

At Sparkjar we develop beautifully simple software, from scratch, just for schools. We engage with schools throughout the development process. We’re not afraid to challenge policies and conventions and we work with school leaders to rethink how technology can better support them.

Who we are

Founded in 2014 in Brighton, UK our team is made up of brilliant free-thinking developers, creatives and educators, all focussed on working together to deliver the best software to support teachers.

Why we do it

Reducing teacher workload is a governmental and school leadership priority. 40% of teachers spend upwards of 21 hours per week working in evenings and weekends and 81% have considered leaving in the last year because of workload pressures (NEU survey, 2018).

Our technology

Born out of the gaming industry, our unique Lightwave technology allows you to save time, even on poor wifi connections. Messages are sent instantaneously; files are loaded and cached before you need them, and users can work effectively offline.

Our customers

Our customers are made up of forward-thinking schools, MATs and Local Authorities across the UK, that are embracing 1:1 tablet technology. The ideas and feedback we get from our customers and partners informs and inspires our future development plans.

We work with school leaders to rethink how technology can better support you and your staff.

How do we compare?

100% of teachers from Sparkjar’s July 2019 survey prefer Sparkjar compared to Google Classroom, Showbie, and Microsoft Teams. 97% would recommend Sparkjar to a friend or colleague.


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