Whole School

Unified system for teaching and learning. Saves teacher time and supports excellence.



Robust technology for 1:1 iPad schools. Built using Lightwave technology.



No third-party integrations required. All data stays in the UK. Unrivalled online security.


Department Heads

Department view. Promotes departmental collaboration and resource sharing.


Teacher Wellbeing

Saves time, reduces workload. Simplifies student contact. Streamlines workflows.


Parents & Carers

Sparkjar gives parents and carers a simple overview of homework assignments set by the school. In the words of one parent, “by far, the easiest and most straightforward platform” they have used.

Different – in a Good Way

We’re proud of our technology, Sparkjar sets a new standard in remote teaching and we want all schools to see what’s possible with the right technology. Book a 15 minute interactive online tour.

Or call us on +44 1273 921 233 for a live demo – we’ll set you up as a student and run through a scenario!

Embley Case Study

“This morning whilst in pyjamas and waiting for the kettle to boil I was able to mark 4 pieces of work, which is great for both the kids and me, as I have managed my workload and they have received feedback in a much quicker way. It’s a shame you guys don’t get to see the looks on the faces when the little ‘ding’ arrives on the devices after an assignment has been set. When you have a bunch of 14–15 year olds saying ‘this is cool’ when they have been set work, you know you might be on to something.”

Embley implemented Sparkjar in 2018 and has over 60 teachers using it.

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